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Some of our customers

  • LG
  • Unilever
  • Heineken
  • Warner Bros
  • Coty
  • Kellogs

Our influencer marketing solutions are based on three main components


Innovative proprietary technology

In 2015, Reech invested 20% of turnover in R&D.

The seeds for this technology, which lies at the heart of every Reech solution, were sown in 2011. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of each influencer profile (involving over 200 criteria), this technology allows our teams to identify the most suitable influencers for your brand, and for each campaign. Reech makes influencer marketing a precise and measurable lever by quantifying the impact of a campaign in terms of audience reached and engaged, the number of conversions and revenue generated.


A community of passionate influencers

Reech has built up close relationships with over 40000 opt-in influencers in every sphere of business. Our mission is to promote and establish your brand with our influencers and to involve them in your communication strategy by capitalising on the things that their audiences so appreciate: their talent and their creativity.


A team of experts in influencer marketing

Thanks to their clear understanding of your brand's values, their in-depth knowledge of our technology and their responsive approach to influencer marketing, our teams can advise you on the best way to design and launch high-impact influencer marketing campaigns.

40000 influencers. Across all networks. And in every sphere of business.


Over 154 million visitors to our influencers' blogs and webzines per month.


Over 401 million subscribers to our influencers' accounts.


Over 275 million subscribers to our influencers' channels.


Over 250 million monthly viewers to our influencers' pins.


Over 25 million subscribers to our influencers' accounts.

Communication is undergoing dramatic change


of consumers are buying on the basis of information they read on blogs. Technorati – 2013


People spend an average of an hour and a half on social media per day. We Are Social – 2015


average ROI per euro invested in influencer marketing in 2015.
40% increase on 2014. eMarketer – 2015

The rise in expenditure on influencers as a percentage of marketing budgets Duke School of Business – 2015

Reech has the answers to all of your influencer marketing needs

  • Ambassador Marketing
    Reech identifies influencers who are already your customers or who are talking about your brand, your products or your competitors and involves them in your communications strategy. Reech selects and invites the most engaging influencers to be part of an ambassador programme, created especially for your brand.

  • Product Seeding
    Reech identifies relevant influencers, helps you handle the logistics, ensures that satisfied influencers talk about your product, and assesses the results generated by publications.

  • Inbound Marketing
    Reech involves influencers in the creation of content that is both high quality and authentic: writing blog articles, video tutorials, product placements, social media hacks for your brand, and much more.

  • Event Marketing
    Reech identifies the most appropriate influencers and brings them to your event, giving them a unique experience. We guarantee that the influencers will cover your entire event upstream, live, and downstream.

  • Native Amplification
    With our exclusive access to influencers' advertising accounts, Reech can amplify the most creative content in order to increase click-through rates and engagement rates for your advertisements on social media.

Our customers are brands and agencies. And in every sphere of business.

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    La Halle
  • :lipstick: #Beauty

  • :airplane: #Travel

    Voyages SNCF
  • :pizza: #Food

    Habitation Saint Etienne
  • :paintbrush: #Design

  • :medal: #Sport

  • :space_invader: #Entertainment

  • :moneybag: #Retail

  • :computer: #E-commerce

    Parapharmacie anglaise
  • :rocket: #Start-up

  • :v: #Agency

  • :iphone: #App


The Reech Team

Guillaume Doki-Thonon

Co-Founder - CEO

Maxime Doki-Thonon

Co-Founder - Technology & Product Manager

Julie M.

Head of New Business

Alix de R.

Senior Influencer Campaign Manager

Marelune Y.

Group Manager

Yannick P.

Creative Strategist

Aminata S.

Senior New Business Manager

Serge S.

Lead Software Engineer

Marine B.

Account Manager

Andrei K.

Software Engineer

Ivan V.

Software Engineer

Simon G.

UX-UI Designer

Pauline C.

Senior Influencer Campaign Manager

Gaëlle L.

Influencer Campaign Manager

Anaïs P.

Group Manager

Bastien T.

Senior Account Manager

Ornella F.

Influencer Campaign Manager

Ernesto I.

Senior Business Developer - Spain

Candice C.

Influencer Manager

Sara V.

Senior Project Manager - Spain

Valérie R.

Influencer Campaign Manager

Alexandre S.

Influencer Manager

Nathalie D.

Senior New Business Manager

Thibaut B.

Product Manager

Clémentine I.

Creative Strategist

Amanda E.

Influencer Campaign Manager - Spain

Solène J.

Senior Influencer Campaign Manager

Valentine J.

Influencer Campaign Manager

Priscille L.

Senior New Business Manager

Marie T.

Influencer Campaign Manager

Jean-Philippe V.

Lead Software Engineer

Gwladys S.

Office Manager

Cléo H.

Events and Production Expert

Enora T.

Talent Manager

Florian G.

Software Engineer

Océane M.

Influencer Campaign Manager

Nina B.

Influencer Campaign Manager

Tiphaine P.

Influencer Campaign Manager

Caroline M.

Head of Communications

Ulrich V.

Software Engineer

Ambroise G.

Influencer Campaign Manager

Nicolas C.

Head of Operations

Guillaume R.

Senior Account Manager

Toufig T.

Social Ads Expert

Arthur B.

Creative Strategist Intern

Thomas D.

New Business Manager

Fanny C.

Senior Account Manager

Assya R.

Inside Sales

Sonia M.

Group Manager

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Predictable, guaranteed performance thanks to our Reech Intelligence proprietary technology.
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