What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone’s hard drive and/or read by your browser when you use the internet. It is placed there by the websites you visit.

Cookies enable sites to recognize your browser and are completely safe for your devices. They are usually used to store information linked to your choices, language and preferences. They enable sites to function properly and optimize their ergonomics and features or even personalize the content displayed on the sites, and they do all this by sending back the information they contain to the visited page (first-party cookie) or to another site that has set the cookie (third-party cookie), when you visit the website again from the same terminal.

Generally speaking, the information stored in the cookies includes the name of the domain that placed the cookie, the “lifespan” of the cookie, and its value, which is normally a randomly generated unique number.

What cookies does https://www.reech.com/ use?

  1. Functional cookies which are used to store your preferences and tailor our website to suit your use/needs and technical cookies, which are essential for optimal browsing of our site.

    Important: if you choose to block certain cookies, some of our site’s features may no longer be accessible or may not function properly.
    Purposes Cookie   lifespan
    Session cookies allow for general use of the site when it comes to browsing, contact forms and the proper functioning of the application 13 months
  2. Analytical cookies: used to identify how you use our services and how you browse through the pages on our site (like Google Analytics, for example).

    ROCKET MARKETING uses third-party services (Google) to understand how you use our site in order to optimize your user experience. These third parties may also use cookies that we do not manage. These cookies are probably analytical/performance cookies or targeting cookies.
    Cookies Purposes Cookie   lifespan
    Google Analytics (third party) Audience measurements, improves the user experience and optimizes advertising expenses 13 months
    Attribution (REECH cookie) Audience measurements, improves the user experience and optimizes advertising expenses 13 months
  3. “Advertising” cookies: used to offer the user advertising on websites after a user has shown a particular interest in a product or service on another site.

    Cookies Purposes
    YouTube (third party) Offering advertising and making recommendations for organizations to internet users who may be interested in their products, services or the causes they support.
    Facebook (third party)
    LinkedIn (third party)
    Google (third party)

At any time, you are able to block cookies on your computer by changing your preferences via the configuration below. You can choose your preference either globally for the whole site or service by service.

Preference for all services Allow all Block all
Analytical cookies
Advertising cookies

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