Reap the rewards of your influence thanks to creative partnerships with your favourite brands.

Who is Reech for?

All influencers. All networks. All fields of business. All countries.

Reech is open to all kinds of influencers, from rising stars to world-renowned celebrities, and it is of little importance which social network you use. Reech will promote your profile with the brands that matter to you.

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How does it work?

Create an influencer profile on Reech by linking your various networks: Blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest (and others still to come)! Keep track of your performance with a comprehensive dashboard.

We will put you in touch with the brands that match your profile so that you can maximise the rewards of your influence.

Become a partner (product placement, product testing, attending events, sponsored articles, content creation, etc.) and earn money!

We believe our collaboration will be long-lasting. Here's why.

We believe that every influencer has a talent that makes him or her an exceptional asset for brands and their communications strategies. This is why we work hard to identify influencers and advise them on how to capitalise on that talent.

We believe that every influencer is capable of bringing their own creative touch to each campaign. This is why influencers are always at the heart of content creation.

We believe that influencers should work with brands while still maintaining their integrity. This is why influencers are free to work with their favourite brands and on the campaigns that interest and appeal to them.

We believe that it is in the interests of influencers, their audiences and, consequently, their brands, to clearly advertise all partnerships. This is why we go above and beyond our legal obligations as we constantly strive for greater transparency.

The Reech Team,


How much will I earn?

You are completely free to decide what services to offer and what to charge for them. Rates will depend on the type of service (product placement, sponsored articles, haul videos, etc.), the medium (YouTube, blog, etc.) and your audience (commitment rates, number of subscribers or followers, and interests). If you have no idea of how much to charge, we can help you set your rates.

What is the Reech trusted third party?

Reech acts as a trusted third party and handles tracking, fraud, contracting, invoicing, payments and arbitration in the event of disputes. This is the safest way to close a deal (sponsored article, product placement, content creation, etc.) with a brand, directly via the interface.

How do I access my earnings?

Once a deal has been successfully completed, the agreed amount will be credited to your Reech account. You can request payment whenever you wish, either by bank transfer (within the European Union only, free of charge) or by PayPal (2% charge) if your balance exceeds €25. You will be paid before the 15th of the month following your request for payment (e.g. if you request a payment on any date in September, you will receive it in October). We have not forgotten a single payment in two years!

What happens after I register?

Once you have registered on Reech, our team will showcase your profile and present it to the brands. When selected, you will receive a partnership proposal by e-mail. You are free to accept or decline. To increase your chances of being noticed: link your networks together and write a true-to-life description of yourself. This will definitely make a difference 😉.

Create your Reech profile in a matter of minutes

And work with your favourite brands.

Still have questions before registering?

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